Thermald for Ubuntu Focal

Ubuntu Focal on my Khadas VIM1 works smoothly, except some rare freeze due to CPU heat.
In Ubuntu repository I can’t find thermald package I already use on other Intel based PC. Do you know a way to install it or an equivalent package?
In the end, I need a daemon to obtain CPU thermal throttling.
Thank you for your support.

Here is part of the solution, you can monitor the CPU temp.

$ sudo apt install lm-senors
$ watch -n 30 sensors

Myself I would just install the Khadas Heatsink with the fan, you will have MUCH better performance when the board is running cool than when cpu is pushed into throttling mode due to temp.

Hi foxsquirrel. Thank you for the answer. The watch command reports temperature, with no automatic throttling intervention, correct?
In fact I prefer to avoid any fan; I want to prevent noise and additional power consumption.
I get rarely system freeze due to high SOC temperature, so I prefer a software solution; in case I will consider a solution with only a custom passive heat sink.

We had to machine one for a test board.

Running server headless you should not see too high of a temperature unless your ambient is really high. The standard passive Khadas heatsink works very well for that application.

Do make sure ALL the chips have thermal tape on them. Its very important, even though some do not get hot they still will conduct thermal energy to the board and help bring it all to steady state temperature. Get an assortment of thermal tape because you will need thick, thin and medium to get all the chips bonded.

Yes, that is correct.