The DDK is not compatible with any of the Mali GPUs on the system

I’m trying to run an EGLFS Gui app on a ubuntu server image built with Fenix script, with no modifications to source. Linux 5.3.

I’m getting:

ERROR: The DDK is not compatible with any of the Mali GPUs on the system.

The DDK was built for 0x860 r2p0 status range [0..15], but none of the GPUs matched:

Could not initialize egl display

This does not happen using official khadas image

How do I fix this?

You are trying to use the Mali blob for the T860 chip in the Khadas Edge on a board which has a different Mali chip. If you tell which board, one of the Khadas staff can point you to the correct blob.

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Strange I just built this image straight from the latest fenix script!

Thank you!

I’m using an Edge-V

There is no GPU support for Linux 5.x in current stage.

Sounds odd. The mali blobs are not dependent on kernel version. The kbase driver is (and somewhat dependent on the age/version of the blob) but it appears to be working as it has detected the card and tries to load the blob, and that error message is the one I have seen when using the wrong blob (e.g. using T860 driver on T820 board). If you run the wrong kbase driver, you get different errors. <= working on 5.4rc. Driver is tweaked to only support midgard (else it will also detect bifrost chips - but bifrost really needs newer kbase).

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The support status should be documented somewhere, because the fenix script has the option to use mainline and no warning about unsupported/lacking drivers…

Recompiled the image with 4.4 kernel and now it works! Thanks!

@numbqq what’s the reason for not supporting in 5.x kernels? LE has tested RK blobs on mainline kernels without problems; although we will switch RK3399 when we bump LE from 4.4 > 5.4 as it runs fine (for Kodi use) … and of course, because proprietary blobs suck :slight_smile:

No other reasons, just haven’t tested on the mainline kernel. Seems it works fine, we will add support for the mainline kernel.

Any expected dates? .

I am also desperate trying get the GPU working.

Trying to get a weston with hardware acceleration.

I am a bit lost when it comes to how to configure graphic stack on linux.

But as far as I know I should be able to make it work using Panfrost with Mali860. Just did that Did not work :frowning: I am at lost now.

Anyone knows if its possible to make this board work with gpu rendering?

Panfrost does not support Bifrost GPUs (yet) so you need to use the mali_kbase kernel driver (available from ARMs website as a last resort). I’m not sure if Khadas have the gbm-wayland blobs somewhere for download but you can find them linked on the Hardkernel wiki if not (same GPU as the N2, so same blob).

Thanks for the reply Chewitt.

I think you are talking about the VIM3 (witch it cant have hardware acceleration until we get mainline). I am trying it on a EDGE V RK3399 with a Mali T860 Midgard 4.º gen.

I have tested my code on VIM3L but it fails with message “Could not find DRM device!”… how can I fix this?

Any help with this? I can’t run my UI in VIM3L, no problems on EdgeV…

This has nothing to do with VIM3L.

Try image:

I know but this is another issue… I should open another thread.