The configured parameters are reset when navigating through menu items

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

VIM4-Android-11-64bit-V230621 Rom Release

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official images

Please describe your issue below:

This Bug is present in all firmware for Vim4. What can the developers say about this?

When navigating through menu items, other configured or selected parameters may be reset. In this video this is the display scale.

And during the transition there are attempts to rotate the screen.
If you disable the bottom and top panels, some of the problems with constant screen rotation disappear. But this does not apply to the menu.

Hello @antigua

maybe @goenjoy @xiong.zhang can help regarding this.

This is a problem with all firmware for VIM 4, but no one has answered yet. There is a problem with the Java code when changing orientation.

@antigua How to reproduce the problem in the video?

I’m using VIm 4 with your TS050 screen in portrait orientation. (In this video the rotation is 270)

1 Settings
2 Display
3 Display size
4 Set largest
5 Go back or Home
6 Open the settings again
7 Display → At this point the screen wants to rotate. And after that the settings are reset.

I understand what you mean now. But both(Display size and Display&Sound) are setting sizes, there will inevitably be conflicts. This seems unsolvable.


But the reset occurs when the screen is rotated. Since SaveInstanceState is not working correctly, something is most likely missing.
And when you return back to portrait mode, it restores the default settings.

In one of the posts where the firmware was announced, you already answered me about the resolution for the TS050 screen, 4k is too much for this screen, since its resolution is full HD, and without increasing the display, all the elements are too small.

I tested and didn’t find the problem you mentioned. Also, does your usage scenario require continuous rotation?

I took several new PCs to check, the repeatability is 100%. The firmware is the latest, without making any additional changes, version 231120. Also, the second video shows that when you change the Display Size, the image rotates, but the reset occurs when you enter the Display & Sound menu.

I only use portrait mode

Most likely the PC firmware versions differ

The above post has already replied to this situation. This is an unsolvable problem.
The video you posted cannot be viewed.

It’s strange about the unreadability of the video, I tried it on several PCs. How can there be an unsolvable problem? This is almost a normal system program, the settings are reset.
I re-uploaded the video again.

@antigua Still unable to view video.
The Display & Sound menu option is a feature we added ourselves and will reset the system size. So you have set a different size outside, and once you reach this option position, it will naturally reset the default system size for the option. So this is normal. Just don’t come to this position.

The file is inaccessible or the video cannot be opened?

Suggest some file server to which you have access.

In fact, in the new firmware, the scale reset occurs only when you go to the Display and Sound menu. In other places the reset does not occur, only the image rotates when the scale changes.
If I find any other details, I’ll post them.

And thanks for fixing the screen flickering on the TS050.