The algorithm of the on-off button EDGE V using the original remote control Khadas

Please tell me why when you press the power off button on the original remote control, the device does not fall asleep, and reboots? Such behavior on Android and LE (in other systems not tested). Sometimes, when you long press the power off button, a menu appears to select power off and restart, but this is rare, usually after several unsuccessful attempts to turn off. This behavior is normal or something need to configure? The next question is, the microcomputer responds to commands from the remote control only strictly perpendicular to the device, very badly reacts if to send commands at a slight angle. (batteries changed to new, removed the microcomputer from the case, did not help).

Is your remote control the one we sell?

Yes, this is your original remote control. Yesterday managed to find out that it depends on the settings in the system (in 7, 8 Android, and LE I did not find them), installed the mod 9th Android TV from there is a menu setting the behavior of the button, everything worked! Now, about the bad signal from the remote: very much it affects the frame antenna, it degrades the signal. By removing the antenna from the signal path, life has improved!

Да, это ваш оригинальный пульт управления. Вчера удалось выяснить, что это зависит от настроек в системе (в 7, 8 андроиде, и LE я не нашел их), установил мод 9го андроида - там есть в меню настройки поведения кнопки, всё заработало! Теперь про плохое прохождение сигнала от пульта: очень сильно влияет на это рамка антенны, она ухудшает сигнал. Удалив антенну с пути прохождения сигнала, жизнь наладилась!

It would be great if the power off menu can be mapped to some long press key on any keyboard.
Then you can easily use a bluetooth keyboard, USB wireless airmouse keyboard to Power device off instead of swapping again to the ir remote.
AndroidTV firmware also doesn’t have a navigation bar like regular Android, so there is no power off icon you can click with a mouse. Only regular Android firmware has a navigation bar with a power off icon.

Some way to add a Sleep menu on the power off menu can also be useful.

The ir remote, Khadas must maybe in future make the direction keys - Up, down, left, right separate keys and not part of one circle, all buttons connected. Sometimes you press between up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right then the keys get stuck or press double.

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At the beginning of my acquaintance with Khadas, I was disappointed with the product compared to raspberries. But the more I understand this product, I understand that there is a great potential and all the shortcomings in the dampness of the software, I hope that the developers will fix all the defects and greatly improve the already wonderful product. I want to thank you for your Assembly, a half-hour acquaintance with it gave me hope that my child will soon get a convenient Android TV and stop suffering with smart TV integrated into the brains of the TV. Now I just need to localize programs to my language region and services.

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Thank you for your feedback. We have been trying to solve all kinds of BUGs put forward by the forum.
So what problems do you find now?

Does this problem still exist?

This problem exists on all your builds except Android pie 9, where in the settings you can choose the reaction of the device to the power off button. It would be nice to integrate this feature in future firmware LibreElec, linux and so on. So that this setting is not activated via the command line or in the bowels of the system, and was easily accessible to users like me, who previously worked in the environment of Windows. :в:

So did you connect to the wired network? If you do, you can pull out the wired network and test it again.

I do not understand your question, what do you mean?

did you connect to the wired network When you have the above problem?

I understand, will check at home. Disconnecting the wired network should change the reboot function to sleep the device?

Or did you mean that?

I remembered I have a wired network connection does not affect the problem of bad signal from the remote, in my opinion, the antenna frame covers part of the useful signal.

Without the original case and connected antennas, the remote works great!

You mentioned two questions:

  1. reboot after shutdown problem

=》We are analysing and solving it.

  1. Signal problem

=》Take a picture and see your machine

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Here very accurately described the problem button,
Below is a photo

Ethernet does not affect the signal quality between the remote control and the microcomputer.

I don’t know what led you to think so.
We now find that some of the boards will exist, plugging in the wire will not shut down the machine, I do not know if your board is like this.

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