Thank you to the khadas team


received for three days and everything works no bug.

what a pity not to have netflix or other DRM Widevine L1.
I looked at magisk manager or xda, but found nothing.

thank you

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My firmware already has Magisk Manager.
In the new firmware I will make it easy to update Magisk on the device itself.
I also build LibreELEC for RK3399 with 1080p Netflix support but will need to make an image for Khadas Edge.
I’m still waiting for my extension board with a micro-sd card slot and think I will only receive it before Christmas, so won’t be able to test LibreELEC myself until then(2 weeks shipping + 6-10 weeks customs clearance for my country if by post :frowning: ).

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I like how it works especially through the usb3.0 port on vim 3! please tell me, what is the maximum speed port usb3.0 has in Edge? Thank!

USB 3.0 port in both the VIM3 and Edge-V should have the same speed, might be 5% different depending on cables, software used etc.

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thanks for the quick answer, yes, I have good usb-ssd, there is very good speed via usb3.0/vim3

Plus, as far as I understand, are you currently working on 2 in 1 in eMMC?

damn!, that is a very long time period, and I thought it was bad only in my country ( 1 week postal time and and 1 week customs waiting time is better)

Have you gotten it yet ?


I returned my khadas vim2, in China since June 09 and still not received at khadas

hi, for what reason?


it no longer lights up…

since there is android pie, it will be not bad.

please remind, we tried to help you on the forum?

Still in customs, in China ?

no it was the edge v which was failing the it works.

but my vim2 doesn’t turn on anymore

Yes we could have helped solve the problem before you needed to send it, Saving time and shipping money,

And giving you a sense of peace at mind :slight_smile:


yes, since there are simple things that you may not notice at first glance, but in reality everything is simple


Exactly, as @Vladimir.v.v said, we have solved so many problems over the past month,
(some still exist but that is another story :upside_down_face:), the forum is literally here to help, Why would we have not helped you before ?


very often problems arise when spare parts are not original, although everything would seem to be suitable, but …

by Luck it might work :upside_down_face:

that’s right chamomile, lucky / not lucky

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like Daisy - Chamomile :laughing: