TFT / Oled display screen kodi status


Is it possible to add Vim kodi small 2.8 tff or other similar solution to show kodi display status same as:

I am looking for very low cost solution.
Can you advice where and how to purchase?


There are a set of drivers for TFTs connected via SPI,, I only tried them with a Raspberry Pi, but they should be portable to other SOCs, all they use is the SPI and some GPIOs.

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Accessories for Khadas VIM

VIM doesn’t support SPI interface, seem that need research a new solution :slight_smile:


Gouwa hi,
Is it possible that you will check for this integration solution? I am sure it will add great value to vim as the perfect kodi and IOT solution.


Hi, Eli:
Your question did really baffled me a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As our team are developing VIM2 and the new housing, so the TFTs should be after new housing, so the TFT module can be designed to mount the front of the new housing.


I think the best option will be a modular optional unit which can be installed on all VIM models but maybe included in VIM2 Pro model as integral solution. this is for marketing and business development guys to decide , I will be happy even if you just tell me what to buy and where :slight_smile: (same as the SD card extender)


I guess there will not a ready-made TFT display can work on VIM directly, as there should be some software work to be done first before the TFT can display :wink:


Oops, sorry, I mistakenly assumed SPI was available :frowning2:


Might be there will be a solution for SPI based TFT display: use the normal GPIO to simulate the SPI bus to control the TFT display.

Just need to do more research to approve that :slight_smile:


I think simulating an SPI using GPIO would be a bit slow for full colour graphics.
There are some low resolution monochrome displays that use I2C instead of SPI (plenty on ebay), the VIM has I2C available.



please someone try this, we definitely need some sort of small and very cheap display to give basic info to users, and which is as developper friendly as possible


How many resolution will match your requirements? Can you give us more feedback on this?


Hi Gouwa,
For me as libreelec end user 128 x 128 is enough.
But I am not a developer.


resolution is not the main request, it is more to support the most popular and low cost display diyer usually use


So many choices, but which one comes best? :wink:


Hi @Gouwa is there any update on the TFT development?


Yes, we are developing a TFT module for VIM, but further details should be publish next month.


Any news on that tft for vim1 vim2?