Tflite model conversion query


I have converted my tflite model into .nb file using NPU SDK. The script also generated ‘vnn_’ files.

Now, I have to copy the header files into aml_npu_app repository. But there is no folder like tflite-> include for me to copy the header files. This was present for yolo models. So, how and which folder do I have to copy the header files?

I am following: convert and call your own model through NPU | Khadas Documentation
Also, is there any necessary to modify the generated scripts. If yes, please tell me which scripts needs to be modified. I want to get the concept cleared the first time. Once I am clear, I will do it for other models too.

Thanks in advance.

@Akkisony What we provide is just an idea and a few demo. Which functions you need depends on how you want to use your demo, you need to implement pre- and post-processing by yourself, each model is different