Test edge and unstable nvme :/

I tested the edge. I’m a little disappointed. I put a 500GB nvme disk (which was in my VIM3). And it reboots automatically for 5 to 10 minutes :(.
Another thing that pains me a bit, the speed of the fan in auto. Unfortunately it only works on EMMC versions. I could not determine if this was because of the too old versions of EMMC or if it was the USB option that was causing the problem.
I just wanted to make a swarm docker cluster but I see that it is not made for :sweat_smile:

I wanted to put it aside while waiting for a stable version :confused: Otherwise I lost 160 dollars :confused:

are you providing enough power to it ?
NVMe + RK3399 sounds like high power consuming case
could be crashing due to power restrictions

I had used " RAMPOW Chargeur USB C 45W Power" :wink: and power externe of 60W. The VIM3 used 15W max on my monitor.
I can see monitoring Edge :slight_smile:

do you have any kernel logs before the restart/crash ?