Tensorflow from wiki does not install

This is the error when I try to install the whl file
tensorflow-1.8.0-cp35-none-linux_aarch64.whl is downloaded.
sudo -H pip3 install tensorflow-1.8.0-cp35-none-linux_aarch64.whl
This is the error on return
tensorflow-1.8.0-cp35-none-linux_aarch64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.

Hello, It would be useful information for those who could help to include the following info…
SBC board model and version.
Installed OS and version.

Keep in mind, due to the Coronavirus quarantine, help from the Khadas Team may be a few days away.

Sorry, I am using the VIM3 Pro and trying to insall Tensor Flow or even Tensorflow lite.

I have not done this myself so I cannot offer assistance with it.
Unfortunately, the Coronavirus quarantine has been extended to the 17th, so help from Khadas Team may be several days away.
I wish I had a better answer for you.

From Khadas…

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Who would have thought the flu could shut down a major city/country. Makes you feel like medical science is still not up to date.

I suppose caution is the only preventive measure, until a solution for the virus, or at least a way to reduce its lethality is found.
That it coincided with the CH Spring Festival, has made the downtime seem much longer.
I understand it can be frustrating. If I know the Khadas team, they are itching to get back to Khadas and are at least as frustrated as users.
To add, medical science is always behind, everywhere. Nature is a superior opponent.

@ChiacgoBob123 If you want to install tensorflow in VIM3 Pro , you can follow this topic to install . Just tensorflow 1.10 can run .