Tengine's app demo missing on both android and linux!

1 Is there any document or web link about how to make the demo of tengine app/demo on the android 9 vim3?
Just like khadas_android_npu_app khadas_android_npu_library, yet not with aml/amlogic app/demo(acuity toolkit) but tengine framework! It will be different from khadas_android_npu_library and khadas_android_npu_app especially with realtime usb camera.
2 More over, if there is the document on linux /ubuntu system just like yolo_demo_x11_usb sample_demo_x11 sample_demo_fb but with tengine not acuity toolkit, plese also share with me ,tks!
3 The app project is just as following. How to build out the result lib so file like libkhadas_npu_jni.so libnn_yoloface.so and so on ?

4 As I said before , the resolution of my usb camera is 640x480, if I just replace the origin 1920x1080 with 640x480 in the project, it did not work at all.So how to support my camera in this project, which thing should I improve?


Anyone could help?