Tea - Ultraslim Hi-Res Headphone Amp for Smartphones

I also thought this would give LDAC out from iPhone to Sony WH-1000XM3/4, so disappointed that it can’t. Thought - what about a version that is hard wired from iPhone to “Tea” to pick up hi-res files and then the “Tea” send them LDAC to the headphones (cable to iPhone, Bluetooth to headphones). What I am looking to be able to do is set my iphone as a Roon endpoint and then play out via LDAC Bluetooth to e.g. Sony WH-1000XM3/4.


Could you please provide a table or list with the supported codecs for iOS and Android phones mentioned separately, and also make a split up by connection type?
iOS : Bluetooth and wired.
Android : Bluetooth and wired.

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A valid point, thanks for the suggestion. However this still requires a wire from the iPhone into the DAC.

Maybe @Eric68 can do this.

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If you don’t mind wired listening AND if you have one of:

  • an Apple Music subscription
  • your music as true ALAC files on your iPhone

then you can use the DAC in the TEA to play ALAC quality files.

Check the following link under “How to listen to lossless on your iPhone or iPad“, then under “What you need”: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212183

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There are could suggestions, could one of the next models be with 2.5 mm output?
Could it be with the latest qcc5144 with Bluetooth 5.2?

And could it have a transmitter feature as well?

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Will it match the different iPhone colors or is it only in blue?

Will have two colors minimal, but hard for us to do as much colors as iPhones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can suggest the color that you prefer :heart:

I really like the Gold color :slight_smile:

I hope that you could support super short cable U-shaped C-C & C-L on KHADAS Tea.
When connect Smartphone and Tea, it makes to get neat and good shape DAP aslike “IKKO itm05 and iphone”.

  • C: USB-C
  • L: Lightening
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Today is the release day or not?

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Yeah I’m looking for the announcement availability and pricing. Today is oct 28th 2021 hopefully I just arrived a few hours early…

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Hi @Alan_Turing @YahooSerious
It is with a heavy heart that we have to delay the launch of our ‘Tea’ headphone amplifier. At present, we have to wait for our application for Apple’s MFi program to be approved.

More details on our blog:

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Please, the color is the same as this iPhone! I buy without listening)

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I got contacted and offered a unit to review, gave my shipping info and got no reply.
Bad Guy Good Audio reviews on Youtube.

Please follow up with your solicitations for personal info

I just noticed that you sent a Tea to Snazzy Labs: https://youtu.be/keTynNhZ_Oo

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Will Khadas Tea be able to be use as a USB/DAC from Vim3 Pro or Edge-V Pro(Linux mainline) and work as Bluetooth transmitter using LDAC and Aptx-HD?

Yes, the Tea connects via USB to a variety of devices including SBCs running Linux!

No, the Tea is a bluetooth receiver via LDAC and aptX-HD. It cannot transmit audio wirelessly to a pair of LDAC / aptX-HD headphones.