Tea standby mode on Windows cuts off audio after silence

Hi there, this problem has to do with the Tea dac/amp.

I don’t notice this behaviour on my android device, but as for my laptop which is currently running Windows 11 22H2, if audio stops playing once a song on Youtube for example finishes, then the next song takes a second or so to come on. The silence only has to last for half a second or so, then if I’m looping the song or something, the first second will be cut off. Sometimes when I start playing a song, there’s also a static-crackling sound as the device seems to come on.

Apparently many dacs/amps on the market have this feature for saving power, though I am dubious as to whether this is practical, though let me know if I’m misunderstanding why this is going on.

Will there be a firmware update of some sort to remedy this behaviour and let the device keep going even if there’s silence coming from the laptop? It would annoy me if I have to go down the route of playing a silent WAV file in the background constantly to get around this issue.

For the record, I have downloaded the latest sound drivers from my system’s vendor, have turned off power saving options and disabled ‘let the computer turn this device off’ options in device manager for all my usb devices, and have experimented with every setting I could find to no avail.

Thank you for reading, I would appreciate any form of help!