Tea only sending sound through the right channel

Bought my Tea last year and a couple of months back it stopped outputting sound through the left channel. Anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks!

Are you sure it was OK when you first bought it, and it was broken after you used last for two months?

I used it for quite a while before it lost a channel, but I started working from home around the same time, and don’t tend to use headphones in the house, so put it to one side and forgot about it. Wanted to use it again recently, plugged in and remembered it wasn’t behaving.

I’m not sure what the warranty terms are on the Tea; would I be able to return it to repair/replace?

You can send to us and go through after-sales process, and before it can you tell me the serial number on the box please?

Sadly my Khadis Tea has also developed this fault. I received this last year after backing the indiegogo campaign.
My right channel plays music fine and with the same quality but sadly the left channel provides no sound over cable or via bluetooth.
Mine was working fine up until the last week when it random stopped working.
+Also noting i’m using an android phone with the Tea.

It may be caused by the firmware missing.You can follow the step below to check.

  1. You should download tea firmware burner from here.

  2. You can can connect your tea to your computer by USB cable.

  3. Open firmware burner to check the PID/VID,the right PID/VID is a005/3353.If PID/VID is different from this,it may indicate the firmware is missing.You should reload the USB firmware.

Thanks for reply, although it was meant for the other original post I just doubled checked and the Target firmware is the same as you linked above.
My Target Device info though is slightly different as it is Revision 1.0 and Build 9241

PID/VID is A005/3353,that is OK,regardless of the Revision and Build number. Can you give me a sreen capture about your firmware burner.

Had to use my phone so excuse the lines

The PID/VID of your tea is OK,so your problem is that tea can not send sound through the left channel.
The reason may be that the circuit of the left channel may be disconnected.You should only send it to us to check and repair.

How is the best way to send you me device to check? Ideally a pre addressed packing would be best if possible.

OK,go our after-sales process.Send email about these messages below to support@khadas.com.We will handle it soon. :grin:
1.Provide your purchase channel.
2.Provide your order number.

When you say purchase channel I understand that to be where I bought the product but it was backed on indiegogo so i’m not sure what my order number would be.

Hi Myke, we appreciate your early backing for Khadas Tea on Indiegogo. To ensure efficient communication, kindly send an email to [support@khadas.com]. We will promptly provide a solution for your case. Thank you.

Thank you I have sent the support team an email