Tea not working

my Tea, which worked well, now sits with the green led on and does not operate when connected to iPhone. Is there a way to unbrick it or should I send it back to Khadas? I purchased it directly from Khadas about 5 weeks ago.


  • You should try to clear bluetooth pairing on the device which tea can work well,and then your iPhone can search the bluetooth signal from tea.
  • You can also turn off tea,then long-press button for 6-seconds
    to pair with another device(iPhone).

Green LED stays ON whether Tea is connected to power source or not. No response to any button presses. Tea not identified for bluetooth pairing on iMac or iPhone.

Should I return Tea to Khadas for replacement?

Thanks for the help. I really enjoyed Tea and want to use it again.

I doubt you can repair the Tea easily. Could you simply send me a new one. I’m honestly sure it’s broken.

Please reply… TEA is broken, do I have to send it to you to get a replacement. I’d like a new one as quickly as possible. I can purchase on Amazon; but i need a refund of the initial purchase I paid to you.

Hi @gostovich
Firstly,I am so sorry. Because we have a long holiday for celebrating the new year,and did not pay attention to your reply.
And then I can answer your question, if the green LED is breathing, it indicates that the tea is playing Bluetooth source,it has connected one host device.So it cannot connect any other host device.But if the green LED always stays on,it maybe have something wrong with it.You can ask after-sales service for help.

Green light is on whether or not TEA is connected to charging source (USB C). If not connected, green light turn off after a few hours. No bluetooth connection to any device… button pushes will not turn TEA off. Button pushes do nothing…


The answer is NO,red light on is Charging source.

I am actually experiencing the same issue after less than a month of usage. Bluetooth connection is being established but no audio from the device. The buttons also have no effect on the volume or pausing. I have tried letting the device fully discharge and recharging it, I have tried re-pairing it through pairing mode, and I have tried only using the cable, but nothing has worked. I worry that I will have to return the unit soon during the return period to make sure I don’t get stuck with a dead device if I don’t hear of a potential solution from the team.

I’ve sent my Tea back to Khadas. I worked with “Sunny” and shipped the bricked Tea back to China ($18 postage). I’ll keep updating this post. Good luck. Tea, when working, is wonderful.

You can return your tea to us,and you should tell me the serial number on the box.

Can you tell me the serial number on the box?

I shipped my TEA back to Khadas.
Tracking #: LH191537616US

OK,thank you.We will handle it as soon as possible.

My broken TEA is in Chinese customs… look at the tracking number. Since it’s broken and on its way to you, could you go ahead and send me a new one now. I miss it.

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We have open your tea’s enclose,and find that the bluetooth processor is broken. I want to ask you if you had used the quicker charger adapter to charge tea.It is best to use 5V adapter to charge it.Because tea can not suport high voltage (>6.5V) to charge it.

Hello all,
Received my TEA back from Khadas in China… It’s repaired and working perfectly. Thanks to the TEA team for great customer service despite language differences and huge distances… I’m very happy and will make certain I don’t connect the TEA to voltages greater than 5v.