TEA app for iOS

I purchased and received a TEA headphone amplifier through indigogo. Step 10 of the quickstart guide has a QR code to download the App for TEA. However, when I tap the link for the iOS app the page on the khadas.com site returns a 404.

Is the iOS TEA app available? I tried searching for Khadas and TEA on the iOS App Store, but can’t seem to find anything.

Also, will there be a dedicated TEA headphone amplifier section in this forum? Additionally, I can’t seem to find any additional documentation or FAQ content for the TEA amp on the khadas.com.

Looks like you have to wait

But I suppose that it won’t be q3 of 2022. They’ve announced that the bt module for tone 2 pro will be released in q4 2021 - still no results and they are ignoring messages - Audio - Khadas Community

Thanks! I got the same response from support. Instead of returning a 404 when scanning the QR code in the quick start guide, they should return a page that states as much until they are actually ready to forward you to the App Store

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