T2P: Methods for increasing unbalanced RCA output?


Specific case:
I was interested in pairing the Tone 2 Pro with a Topping A50S (which requires a 4.0V input from DAC RCA) to hit the marketed specs…

Was there any way to tackle this via software (without using conversion cables/noise attenuation boxes?)

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The BAL RCA line out with 2.0Vrms output in unbalanced mode, and 4.0Vrms in balanced mode, and cannot adjust via software :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha a little sad to hear - just checking - would making a BALANCED RCA => (un)balanced RCA cable output the 4.0VRMS?

Are you sure? Amir was able to do pretty well with just 1.982 volts.

Hi @YSP93
no if you go from balanced to unbalanced, you will get 2V

My conclusion: do not pair those two devices, they are designed with too different technical specifications, and by the way, balanced interfaces are best for interconnections