T2P as Desktop DAC queries

Hi I just recently bought your DAC was hoping it could replace my the smsl D1 (so I can hide it away and not have another box on my console) and it’s being shipped. I couldn’t find information on the following so I decide to ask it here.

  1. I plan to connect it directly to a power amplifier with no volume control. I hope to be able to see your software volume control really soon. Would it be possible for T2P to remember it’s last volume setting after power on-off?

  2. I actually have a 2.1 system, can I use the 3.5mm as my sub-out? Or will the balanced RCAs cut out when I am using headphones.

@Logan_Low @Eric68 @Gouwa Please help this.

Hi Logan_Low,

  1. You can connect it to a power amp with software volume control handled by the host, I tested with Tidal on Windows and Roon on Linux, but I am sure it is only software control, not set in the T2P, so the OS/Roon/Player has to keep the setting.

  2. You can use both outputs simultanously, I have my audio switch and headphones connected and both deliver sound :slight_smile:

Kind regards!