Switching Khadas tone ,vim3

I have Khadas vim3 installed Khadas tone, firmware superceleron v3 final pie connected to stereo amplifier. Can the coaxial output from tone be connected to the multi-channel DAC?

The Coaxial connector on the Tone Board VIMs Edition can work as SPDIF output and it’s source from the VIM3 SBC, and yes can be connected to the Coaxial Input of another DAC.

But I just wondering why you want to use the SBC SPDIF to a multi-channel DAC, can you specify more details of your usage? :smile:

Have fun!

I would like the coaxial output tone to connect to the oppo bdp- 105 input, perhaps I will get multichannel sound? Or not?

And also I would like to switch from analog output tone to HDMI sound, but not yet, found how to do it in khadas vim3 settings.


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