Suspend mode / sleep mode


I have vim3 running with android pie, and i have found some issues with suspend mode. I tried different firmwares V210128, V201112, V200917 and all of them have same issue. Once i press the power button the display turns off and vim3 LEDs keeps on and my keyboard lights keep ON all the time. ( Did not enter the sleep mode)

So i decided to return back to original firmware V190809 and suspend mode works fine!! ( Only some times VIM3 LEDS blinks and turned OFF).

Any simple advice please ?

you can enter Droid Settings > Powerkey definition ,select the shutdown mode


I am trying to use the board as car digital cluster and i want to mimic the OEM digital cluster, so If i select to switch off instead of suspend option, the board will take a round 20 seconds to start up, but suspend mode takes around 2 seconds only!:point_left:

It seems that the board in suspend mode wakes up every 5 Seconds and then ( white & Red LEDs) turn off again. So i am going find out the process (wake lock ) and send ignore command using adb. I hope it works for me.

Any simple instructions to enter deep sleep mode OR ignore all wakelocks ?