Support for Portrait Monitor and 50Hz frequency Monitor

After purchase for KHADAS VIM3 Pro and VIM3L… I have purchased two small monitor from Aliexpress. All of them are Portrait Monitor and frequency are separately. one is 60Hz and the other one is 50Hz. Detailed information of two products are below, (1) and (2).

After several trial on HDMI connection between two monitors and VIM3 Pro & VIM3L, Current android
OS does not seems to support Portrait Monitor and 50Hz frequency… (T_T)
(1) is blinking and crushed screen… (2) is cutted screen of its screen…
Most frustrated situation makes me from two monitors, it works very well at conventional personal
Windows PC…

It is my fault to buy non-standard display monitor, however if you can, Please support on Portrait Monitor and 50Hz frequency Monitor… (T_T)

(1) 1440x2560, Portrait Display(Vertical Default), 50Hz

(2) 1080x1920, Portrait Display(Vertical Default), 60Hz

One of abnormal symptoms is likes attatched image…
And i’ll attach normal worked image for comparison…

Thank you for your paying attention.

if you can debug the code ,you can refer to Resolution 1920x720

Dear jasonl…

Thank you very much for your comments and reference information~
However, it is difficult to me… (T_T)

Dear jasonl…

Is there any way to add resolution, by apk files?

Sorry, there is no apk way to add the resolution

Thank you very much for your answer… (T_T)
I should rather to buy another display product until officially support later by next firmware… (T_T)
Thank you anyway. (^^)/

Today(28th Oct 2021) is really gloomy day for me.
I have got received my new mini LCD display(4inch) from aliexpress.
However, i did not checked that it is also default portrait monitor.
Screen resolution is 800x480(Actually 480x800).
It outputs whole area when it connected to VIM3, but screen ratio is abnormal.
If you can do it, please support portrait monitor. (T_T)

Trying to handle ADB Setting also no effective… (T_T)
Help me~ (T_T)