Resolution 1920x720

is it possible to work at 1920x720 resolution on Vim3?


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Yes . Display settings…

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in this the image is stretched

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not 1280 × 720, exactly 1920 × 720?

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Did you try the Screen Zoom setting under Display/Advanced/HDMI/Main Screen-Screen Zoom?

You can change it using ADB, just connect with VIM3 through WiFi or USB and type the following command:

adb shell wm size 1920x720

In case that you want to restore the original resolution:

adb shell wm size reset

yes exactly 1920 × 720

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I did it and it didn’t work

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I did and it didn’t work either.

without making the command:

With the command: adb shell wm size 1920x720


What is the native resolution of the display you are using?

It looks like you are working on a vehicle instrument cluster/digital dash. If so, you may want to seek out @tschultz, as his dashboard project is nearing completion and he may have the needed insight.

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The LCD screen looks to be the same as mine?
That layout looks cool!
I didn’t have any issues other than the 1/4" of black at the bottom and right side. Once installed it didn’t make a huge difference.

It is probably the same.
I can even put it with a full screen, but with a stretched image, the round indicators are oval.

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Did you find a solution for this? I have the same 1920x720 display.

Sorry for that. Our VIM3 don’t support the 1920x720 resolution.

Thanks for the confirmation, Terry. Regrettably I’ll have to get rid of my VIM3 then, plenty of time and money wasted trying to get this working.

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The resolution of 1920x720 is very unusual, the default firmware is not supported.
If you want to support it, you need to debug.
In addition, can you tell me why you need to support this screen?

I’d be happy to test if you have any ideas or instructions as to what debugging is needed. I’m building a custom dash setup for my car, the ultrawide aspect ratio would be very suitable for this purpose. The alternatives for ultrawide displays have a relatively poor resolution.

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Sorry for that. We still haven’t the plan to add 1920x720 resolution support.

Any update here?

These type of displays are booming up📈

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Any update on this case? It is the main display for most of car installment projects.