Support for NVME hard disk on VIM3

I installed Android Pie into a VIM3 pro, also I put an MX2 expansion board and changed to PCIe mode, but I got a warning about unsupported driver “Unsupported UMIS RPJTJ…MXW PCIE drive”, I know is a cheap NVME drive (but this drive comes inside my old Lenovo E595).
¿it’s possible to add support for that drive on Android Pie without reinstall everything?

You might need to reinstall a different driver, Perhaps @Terry
can guide you through the process…

Hello. Do you have the model # of the drive? Have you confirmed that the drive is NVMe and not an M.2 SATA drive?

Thanks for answer, Yes, the drive is NVME Gen3, the brand is “Union memory” ( comes inside a Lenovo laptop, model AM611, size: 128GB.
I will try to test with my samsung nvme SSD to check.

Everything should be perfect here! :wink:

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we have tested the Samsung Evo 960 SSDs to be working…
and so as @Vladimir.v.v says you should have no problem with that SSD and functionality will be perfect…

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the only thing will be organic in speed, according to Khadas specification