Suggestion for new Tone Board

I did a plug for the Tone board over at the AudioCircle site for audiophile people in the “Cheap and Cheerful” section.
As a stand alone DAC it is quite good and a proper power supply will make it even better. For good sounding audio it is critical to have good clean power (as you know as you put high quality regulators on it) but if you use it with a VIM then power supply will be from the VIM and you will not be able to power it separately with a good quality power supply. One solution that some have used is to supply the SBC from the DAC which can be powered by a good power supply. This would be the easiest as you would only need one power supply. Or you could use it with the VIM but still allow a separate power supply to be used instead of being powered from the VIM. In my opinion it sounds better than my Sabaj3 and my Audioengine D1. Not as good as Ian Canada’s boards but they are more expensive and geared toward the DIY crowd.


Hi PaulH:
Thanks for the suggestions! it’s a good idea :wink:

Nice weekend!

If VIM3 uses PD, then power supply wouldn’t be an issue. I believe we will see some 100W PD adapters soon.