Sugest a power supply

When i got my first Khadas unit i got all the Khadas stuff, board, case, heatsink, fan and the USB-C 24W power supply and a USB-C to USB-C cable

When i got my new board (VIM3L) it came with a USB to USB-C cable, so im wondering what USB supply will power this? will a standard Phone power brick be enough power?

How good is the Khadas 24W power supply?

A few months ago i got a couple of the Mean Well RS 15-5 power supplies 5 volt 3 amps and they are very stable little power supplies. I use them mainly with my cheaper Android boxes because i know the power supplies in those cheaper boxes are not good.

Has anyone had good luck with a certain USB supply for one of these other then the Khadas unit?

Any generic 10W power brick should do the trick.

I have tested it on various smartphone chargers, and it works fine

nevertheless, it is recommended to install original components, although I myself am not without sin :grin:

There is a thread discussion which may shed some light on your project regarding the powersupply.


It seems that the VIM3 power supply is through USB type C. Then how it could be connected to the PC for ADB and FASTBOOT purposes?


@Ehsan the necessary minimum power needed for the VIM3 can be provided with a simple USB-3.0 port

its just enough juice to power the board while running the necessary ADB commands :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply.

So it should be powered with a laptop always?
In hikey boards when type C is connected to the board for ADB purpose (As it has a separate power connector), causes disabling the mouse and keyboard. It seems that in this board this issue does not exist right?
by the way, there is no way to connect the power seperately and meanwhile connect type c for adb tool?
Consider the situation in which you need to to do some staff by connecting your board to the laptop and then separate your laptop but the board continues its working.

nope, there is no such issue,

you could try to obtain a USB-C power & data splitter if you really need, and I guess if you need it to switch host systems, a splitter is the best option you can try…