Sugest a power supply

When i got my first Khadas unit i got all the Khadas stuff, board, case, heatsink, fan and the USB-C 24W power supply and a USB-C to USB-C cable

When i got my new board (VIM3L) it came with a USB to USB-C cable, so im wondering what USB supply will power this? will a standard Phone power brick be enough power?

How good is the Khadas 24W power supply?

A few months ago i got a couple of the Mean Well RS 15-5 power supplies 5 volt 3 amps and they are very stable little power supplies. I use them mainly with my cheaper Android boxes because i know the power supplies in those cheaper boxes are not good.

Has anyone had good luck with a certain USB supply for one of these other then the Khadas unit?

Any generic 10W power brick should do the trick.

I have tested it on various smartphone chargers, and it works fine

nevertheless, it is recommended to install original components, although I myself am not without sin :grin:

There is a thread discussion which may shed some light on your project regarding the powersupply.