Stuck on android booting screen


I bought the VIM2 a few weeks ago and I’ve only started to play with it. I cannot get it to boot. It’s stuck on the android booting screen. Any help?


What’s the version of your system? Did you connect the VIM2 with DC adapter and not PC?
Also you can try to update ROM.


Hello, Wanted to add that a 2 amp or better power supply is recommended.


If I boot in upgrade mode there are couple of options and a green android with a red exclamation mark. I’ve created a burn disk with the V180209 rom and it doesn’t seem to work. Having the drive inserted I cannot get it to the upgrade mode that I see in the instructions here:


It seems the card I was using wasn’t compatible with the khadas. It was a 128GB. I tried using a 32gb card and all is well!