Strange colors on screen on somes screen and not with others

Which system do you use?

khadas official image Ubuntu fenix1.4

Strange colors on screen for some screen and not for others, no ideas why, impossible to recover it with settings

I have some strange color issue using all my VIM4 on some screen and not on others screen, I have no idea why.

With beetronics screen for instance, everything is fine, color are intense and ok, and with cheaper FHD screen the color are fade, with low contrast, and it is impossible to change it with the settings. I precise that these screens are perfects with other computers or embedded board.

has somebody a similar issue, if yes how do you solve, explain it ?

I feel that it has to do with the hdmi autodetect functions, something like that. But I have no Ideas what should I check, change,…

thank you very much in advance for your help, suggestions, proposals

What’s the resolution of your screen ? Could you take a photo of the display on the screen?

both Screen types are FHD : 1920x1080 px @ 60 Hz


poor screen => pale / faded / washed out color

coming from : Raspberry Pi - 15.6inch Universal Portable Touch Monitor (for EU), 1920×1080 Full HD, IPS, HDMI/Type-C mit passendem Gehäuse

it is a “developer” screen… working perfectly with other sbc boards, or as secondary screen for a common lenovo laptop

good Screen from Beetronic (the color rendering is OK) :

I and my colleague have tried to change everything in the display and color settings of ubuntu, it does not change anything, it is weird… We have no idea why

Does it supports HDR? Can you try to enable HDR in screen settings?

yes it support HDR, after activation in screen settings it gives the following :

it is slightly better, but not yet as it should