Start up issues

Hello complete noob here bought the khadas vim to just use as a media box ie kodi etc was really pleased with it i thought id get my mum and sister one too. Anyway the 2 units have come but when they start up they keep cycling from the khadas logo to the 4 coloured android circles then starts again it will eventually go to the home screen but can take as long as 10 mins. I’ve looked into updating via tf card using a new vim image from the docs but get E: failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk0 on /sdcard by read only (invalid arguement) and (device or resource busy).

Has anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance mike

Ok so ive managed to load new firmware onto the device it i used a new sd card and that seems to have done the trick now 1 box seems to be working fine managed to load a few apps on but the 2nd box uploads the new firmware but wont let me connect to my home router everytime i click network it just restarts any ideas?

Seems that your Adapter is not spec with 5V 2A+, kindly check it and keep us updated.


Hi Mike, I had the same problems in August. Swapped my power adapter for 3+amps and it worked for another month then one day it stopped powering up all together. Spent another couple weeks emailing GOUWA (staff) and eventually got an RMA to return it. It’s been 3 months. Still waiting for replacement/repairs/refund, which ever is fastest. Unfortunately it looks like it will be April before anything happens so 6 months will have past in the meantime and I wanted to but 2 more VIM2 Maxs for my family in the meantime. However since this is such poor service I think I will spend my money someplace else. Nice unit, but the firmware seems to be fragile. :frowning:


How is my repairs/replacement/refund proceeding?

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It appears there are problems with the Khadas VIM2 overheating? Obviously other people are having the same problems. First the unit BOOT LOOPS, then eventually the heat causes the unit to die completely after 2 months. If there are problems with the unit OVER HEATING, people should not have to wait several months for warranty / repairs?

Hi Mike,

KHADAS looks cool, but known problems with unit OVERHEATING! GOUWA mentioned solution available January 18th for KHADAS VIM2.

Hi, mj2326:
Any update about your issues?

Does your issue resolved by upgrading a new ROM?

Hi, Glen:
Happy to see you here (I replied your emailed also) with following contents:

Hi, Glen:
Haven’t Gearbest resolved your issue? Sorry, I thought they did resolve it.

Double confirm with you again, I thought you posted two issues:

  1. Your VIM2 cannot boot up
  2. You ask Gearbest for a return, and only get $40 payment by Paypay, instead you pay $167 + 50(return shipping)

BTW, can you specify with more details about fail to boot up issues? Is it similar with this:
Khadas vim2 blocked

Hi yes since I’ve updated the firmware and gone to a plug power supply the units seem to be working fine but I did notice 1 of them seems to be running warmer than the other 2?

Thanks for the update.

Any further details on this?

When you repair my Khadas VIM2 MAX will you be installing a fan or heat sink or both?

November 8th, 2017 at 22:04 | #5
You MUST use a heatsink and fan on both the VIM and VIM 2 product. Android will run but will throttle cores constantly without any cooling which result in a sub-optimal but usable experience. Linux will just straight up overheat and freeze. The Fan they provide for it can be found at: however, please be aware the fan is LOUD and I mean LOUD. At 36dBm it is hard to keep it running in the same room as you, as the noise will just drive you crazy.

To note: I only have the Vim Pro but all my reading suggests that the VIM2 runs as hot if not hotter than the VIM.

my 2 cents.



Now Gearbest has my defective Khadas VIM2-Max and want $80USD more for customs & handling before they will honour warranty. After this order cost $166+$50 shipping = $215.00. + $80USD

Very poor warranty!

VIM2-MAX Overheats & stops working after 50 hours.