Start OOWOW with key combination

Hello community,

my vim(4) is enclosed in an old hifi component.
So far I broke out ethernet, hdmi and one USB port.
Now as it is enclosed I have neither access to the vim’s
buttons nor the SD card slot or a serial connection to
start OOWOW. So my question is: is there a possibility
to boot into OOWOW via a key combination from an
attached keyboard, like with a normal PC to access the BIOS?
If not, is it just that it is not implemented or is it just technically impossible,
because, e.g. there is no access to USB upon startup?
If it is possible, it would be great to have that possibility, although I think OOWOW is of a
much higher level than a BIOS.


Hello @hyphop

Any suggestions about this? :wink:

at this moment no way to start oowow by usb-keyboard shortcuts like for PC-bios

FUNCTION + RESET - can start oowow - but u can modify hardware just connect one wire which can short both keys same , and take out this special key to your panel ( if u can broke ethernet, hdmi and one USB port, u can easily for u )

PS: maybe another way will be same interesting Enter oowow from cli - #3 by hyphop

Hi @hyphop,

perhaps my expression of “break out” was misleading. I just attached cables with panel mounting plugs
to the vim which I attached to the hifi case. So far, the only “hacking” I did was to attach some pogo pins
to the pads to power on the vim from the hifi button. I’d never dare to touch the vim’s hardware with a soldering iron - I am too clumsy for that, I fear.
However, is there a “legal” way to achieve what you propose? I only have those pogo pads for power-on.
On the other hand, if it is technically possible I’d be happy to have the possibility to boot into OOWOW by holding F12 (or whichever key). I am confident that I am not the only one who would appreciate that. It would mean no fiddling with SD cards, attaching serial connection or whatever, just attaching a keyboard, and booting into OOWOW to install the newest bleading edge coreelec version ;-).

P.S.: sure I will opt for you proposal via i2cset, it seems to be the most convenient way currently for me.