Standard FAN connect to j4

I just try to connect FAN to J4 as on scheme, in android try ON/OFF fan, but no voltage on j4 connector.
Is it works? Or I must use another connectors as PIN1/21/38?

You might need to check the polarity of the two pins, can you take a photo and post it?

It only gets power when the CPU is hot.
This is a setting in the Android "settings"
so let it run for a while, build up heat and then you’ll get power to that pin.

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Have you information on what temperature it will turn on?
I try Auto/minimal/norm/full speed in android settings - no power on j4 (check by voltmeter).

No power on j4 pins. Checked by voltmeter.

Which PIN you tested? Is it the + one?

The + PIN should be 5V if your VIM2 is power on:

I see. I use 2 pin connector. This is my mistake.
Where can I find 4 pin connector?

Hello, It is important to note that there is a load limit on the fan header. If I recall correctly, that limit is 150mA. I would not use a fan that exceeds that limit. Doing so could critically damage the fan control circuit.

Updated fan limit to correct value.

Nope, it’s 2Pin 1.25mm pitch header! the Pin3 and Pin4 are main used for fixing and here designed as GND.

Can you take a photo on your cooling fan?