SSH terminal over usb

Hi everyone,
I would like to have ssh over usb available on my vim.
Does anyone know how to enable this ?
Firmware :latest version of Manjaro KDE by @Spikerguy

check search on forum

and check next images which have usb-otg network


With krescue. Do I use it to enable SSH over usb on my current system ?

I use PuttyTray
But for firmware SC VIM3 Pie

this one is adb & is not ssh :wink:

every system different , your system must have

  1. properly builded kernel + modules + dtb
  2. init script for usb ethernet

PS: only krescue and openwrt systems have usb-otg network out of box - for other system u can make it by yourself - but need have some skills

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It SSH over adb and usb

as i know ! default android dont have ssh (sshd or dropbear or other ssh server )

adb shell - its same not ssh - just simple terminal TTY for shell

PS: ssh != telnet != adb shell != serial - but looks like very similar