SSH Into Vim2 Max through router over wifi

I couldn’t figure out how to SSH into my Vim2 Max over my network with with some digging around I finally was able to. Using a combination of sources.

I am using a Lynksys WRT54G wireless router and connecting through wifi. The same process should be able to allow users to replicate the same results.

Step 1: Find your Vim2’s IP address by opening up terminal and type: hostname -I this will display your vims ip address.

Step 2: Login to router, most routers local ip address is default user and pass are normally admin and admin

Step 3: Go to the Applications and Gaming tab and ensure you are at the Port Range Forward tab.

Step 4: Input ssh into the first block 22 in the 2nd and 3rd block then the last 3 digits of your vims ip address into the ip block. Click save changes.

Step 5: (I am using a Mac and using terminal, you can use putty for wndows)Open a terminal window.
Type: ssh username@192.168.1.XXX where the username is your username setup on your vim and xxx is the last 3 digits of your vim.

You should now be greeted with something like:
The authenticity of host ‘ (’ can’t be established.
ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:/0ZlsQu0lgs5Vnp2WI5WzxBh2n4RD2IX9A9svVKBs9I.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

Type yes

Enter your password to login.

09 AM

I haven’t tried yet but I assume with the same process you could setup your own local webserver using DynDNS at

Hope this explains things well and helps someone else out in the process.

I’m a web developer and not a network or OS engineer, but I’m learning :smile:

Sources used:

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Hello! This seems like a lot of work :smiley: I did some research and I managed to ssh into my khadas via Windows using puTTY. I have Ubuntu Mate running on my Khadas VIM2. I followed this tutorial which was extremely easy:

Hope this helps some people :slight_smile:

SSH is simple when you are on a wired network connection. If you are connecting over wifi you have a router between you and your Vim. Which will most likely block the connection. :slight_smile: