SSH connection impossible after few hours

Hi, after few hours the ssh with the vim is not possible anymore : “connect to host khadas port 22: Resource temporarily unavailable”

Here is the configuration:

  • Vim3pro
  • Ubuntu-server-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V20191231

I flash on the emmc the ubuntu, connect the wifi, update/upgrade package, copy the ssh key.
After that i can ssh the machine, no problem. But after few hours i cannot ssh anymore.
i check by plugin a monitor and see that the vim is still runing ok.

If i reboot the vim, then i can ssh again but after this delay (2-6h i dont really know), the ssh became impossible again.

Any idea or suggestion of a log that i can check to see what is going on?


SSH through ethernet or Wifi, If its wifi It could be dropped connection

@luciano270 Can you try it with Etnernet ? Becase WiFi not stable enough , maybe it’s the instability of the Internet .

All devices are connected on WiFi.
The problem is not that i get disconnected after a while (to be clear), its that i cannot connect anymore to the droid with ssh, or even ping it.

I checked with a monitor plugged to the vim, and it still have access to internet.

I’ll try connect the vim on Ethernet see if its doing the same.

yes ! i have seen same behavior on VIM3 sometimes

u can check what happens dmesg -c

may be need write some script - for re-connection if pings not going to router - which works every time on bg