Squeezelite on VIM?


Is it possible to set up a VIM (with Tone Board) as squeezelite player? I have done it on a Raspberry Pi (using picoreplayer) but don’t know where to start with the VIM.


Hi @hoverdonkey, I am so sorry that We haven’t tried either.But I have some suggest with it.

  1. Fist,Native squeezeplug certainly can’t run on VIM1.If you want to use it that you have to make some specific changes.
  2. So I Think you can try to install Debian Wheezy with VIM1,If it can run with VIM1,you will do the step 3
  3. Use Debian Wheezy to run squeezeplug.If it run success,the remaining steps are the same as raspberry pie.

I’m not sure if this is feasible,becase I don’r try with it.I hope this will help you.


Thanks Frank. I will look into it a bit more…