Spdif tone khadas

How to get the sound output from spdif that you have to turn on in Android?

Hello, Is your Tone Board connected to a Khadas SBC?

Yes, connected to khadas vim3. The spdif output is connected to the oppo bd 105 input. But there s no sound. Perhaps something needs to be switched in the settings? Dual system (superseleron/coreelec in emmc)

Wanted to integrate khadas vim3 + tone into his system. Oppo bdp 105, NAD t973,Heco celan 5.1acoustics, Xindak 6200 08, Thorens 128. So tone gives the sound only to the stereo amplifier. Oppo has a coaxial entrance, would like to connect tone to it.

I remember having some issues getting VIM3 SPDIF output to pass through the Tone Board, even though the VIM3 had output SPDIF with TB removed.
If I recall there is a setting to select digital output in Android settings. I am not with the device now, I will check it tonight.

Update: @zappa1919
I tried on latest Android for VIM3. Without the Tone Board mounted to VIM3, SPDIF works when taken from pins 13(Signal) and 14(Ground) of the GPIO.
Also when Tone Board is used without the VIM3, an SPDIF signal connected to the TB’s SPDIF input works.
However, I cannot get SPDIF to pass through from the VIM3 to the TB’s SPDIF output connector. I do not know why it doesn’t work.
Perhaps @tsangyoujun or other Khadas staff can check it.

Understandably, perhaps khadas workers will make a correction.

If you check the schematic you’ll see pins 15 and 16 control SPDIF routing on the TB. There’s a truth table on page 6 for the 3 modes available. I don’t know how this is set in the VIM Android though.

I know that, but I d like to get a sound output from the regular connectors.