Sound path modify

The kvm board has an HDMI sound path in Ubuntu.
I want to modify the sound path with the A311D’s LOLP and LORP.
How do I do it in Ubuntu?

the VIM3 don’t support LINE OUT in physical connector, but just with PADs instead:

Are you sure you want to use hack and use the LINE OUT on VIM3? :crazy_face:


I know that it is LINE OUT.
However, as in the attached image, the sound drive was not loaded into the kernel.

please check.

So that’s what those pads were for…

so, @Gouwa is it actually possible to hack it and add something like a Headphone jack ?:man_mechanic: :smiley:

@numbqq or @Frank might guide you with instructions when they available :slight_smile:

You can also search around with the source code and try do that by yourself which might comes faster, and just post questions that you might meet here and we will help to figure it out.

Yep, but an amplifier might needed to drive a heavy load:


so maybe something like a small earphone would get a away with without an Amplifier…
Could you give a ballpark estimate of the max power of the speaker I could use ?

I advise using TB in this case, rather than looking for complex workarounds, especially since many users like the sound without any amplifier.:wink:

I can’t fit a Toneboard into my handheld,
How is that easier than soldering 4 wires and and a headphone jack ?

not every one has the same use cases and situations…
sure If this was my desktop setup, I would have considered that, but it isn’t…

The schematic is attached.
TDM-C-T9015 does not appear when aplay -l command is used
The odroid board comes with TDM-C-T9015 like the attached image.
I think I need to edit the dts, please help
If there is any solution, please tell me