Some Questions before buying vim2


I am considering buying the vim2 and I have some qustions:

  1. Can I connect an regular external wireless keyboard and mouse?
  2. Can I type in the Hebrew language?
  3. Can I connect a 1 TB external HDD and play music from it?
  4. Does the vim2 will display content that is written in Hebrew(for example at Facebook app, at the external HDD file names etc)?
  5. Does it support sorround audio? 5.1? 7.1?

Thanks in advance


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תודה! רקנשאר לדעת על הדיסק קשיח וזה קניה בטוחה…


Hi, Roee01:
razserv2010 might reply all your questions, I just don’t understand all :smile: , so reply again below:


For Android O/S: yes



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Good day!



Very good answeres.
Thank you very much!
However I didn’t understand from your answer if the currently vim 2 support sorround or not?



Khadas dont hawe analog surround output.
Hdmi surround via reciever work great.


Tone Board + Tone Extra 8 channels Board support 8 channels line output.


Great, realy cool!


I’ll be happy to help you in case you get stuck in the installation


כדאי לך לחכות עם הקניה. למכשיר יש בעית התחממות שהייצרן מתכנן עכשיו מערכת קירור


תודה על המידע. יש צפי מתי תיהיה מערכת קירור?


Most likely next month. :wink:


I found that the 500GB external harddrive I attached wasn’t getting enough power to spin up adequately. You will probably need an external powered USB hub to run a big 3.5" HDD.