Some basic question on first day of using VIM2+dvb hat

Today I’ve received my Khadash box with dvb hat and ust started playing with it.

On and on I cannot find anything about:

  • URL from where is possible to download Android images
  • URLs where is possible to buy cooling equipment which can be used with Khadash (I found that even on display static FB page this tiny beast is quite warm)
  • documentation of all connectors (pinout + exact types of the connectors). I fund only GPIO Pinout page. What about other connectors?
  • URLs where is possible to order some cases for Khadash + dvb hat
  • Documentation about how to use dvb tuner from Android (any source code would be welcome as well)

Someone have been trying to install/prepare some Fedora based images?

Hello, I will attempt to answer the questions I can.

At you will find the Firmware Resources section. VIM1 and VIM2 firmwares are there, so check carefully to insure you select firmware for the VIM2.

You can find GPIO and other I/O in the Schematic(download) from

I don’t recall where the connector size and types are defined.
I do not have the DVB hat, so I can’t speak to those questions.


I think that still it is missing something like and but for VIM2.

What about type of the connectors and pinout?
In this case my questions are about those two tiy connectors and type of the battery connector.

Hello, Fan and RTC header pinouts can be seen in the schematic.
This maybe what you seek.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

OK so it would be good to copy those pictures to main site :slight_smile:
Nevertheless my question was as well about types of the connectors.

Where is possible to buy rtc battery wit this connector?
Someone seen active cooling equipment with that type of the connecter which is used on VIM2?

On VIM2 is pogo pads to connect uart.
Someone seen such connector which could be used with dvb hat?

What about cases which can be used with dvb hat?

Is it possible to use dvb hat RC to navigate in Android?
What about software to control dvb interface? Is it any recording software?

Yes, some information could be better organized. Team Khadas is working to improve the continuity of info.

An excerpt with some connector info from

As seen in the schematic, UART is contained within the 40 pin GPIO…

Sorry, cannot help with the DVB hat, do not have one. Wish they had ATSC version. :wink: You may want to pose your DVB(VTV) questions over here.


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