SOLVED: VIM4 Spontaneously Reboots with M2X and Sabrent Rocket Nano 1TB

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Ubuntu Gnome Raw`

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VIM4 Spontaneously Reboots with M2X and Sabrent Rocket Nano 1TB NVMe PCIe M.42 2242

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Here’s my lspci output:

~# lspci
00:00.0 PCI bridge: Synopsys, Inc. DWC_usb3 / PCIe bridge (rev 01)
01:00.0 Non-Volatile memory controller: Phison Electronics Corporation PS5013 E13 NVMe Controller (rev 01

Issue isn’t related to power supply. I have the VIM4 connected to a PinePower PD65W port, and power levels hold steady at 12v, .6a to .7a. This power will dynamically scale to 20v if demanded.

I built a Fenix kernel, to add support for ecryptFS, but reverting to the original official image by OOWOW flash exhibist the same issues.

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I think I have this licked, with experimentation!
The problem is again CABLING!
I’m supplying sufficient voltage - but the USB cable that I used, from a MacBookPro 13, is insufficient to deliver consistent power to the VIM4 under load.

Who’d have thought a premium laptop labeled “pro” would have such a problem with USB-C power?

I am now unable to repro, using the OC3.0 port on my power supply, and a shielded USB-A → USB-C power cord from a noname Amazon supplier. I’m also down to drawing 5.2 volts, which tells me the Apple cord introduces significant resistance - probably result very thin copper wiring.

Lesson learned again: Power, power, power. The VIM4 tolerances for supplying voltage are very finicky, and fail in ways that resemble overheating, etc.

Ours are running on 6V and doing well. Just idling after boot the VIM4 with ubuntu server is drawing 560 ma.

Been cutting off connectors so the VIM can be connected to lab power supplies and would you believe some of the cables are using the small data wires for power. Unless the cable specifically states 5 amps it might be not very good.

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Thanks for your confirmation. I’m just startled at the specs of Apple’s power adaptor cord, and how much line resistance it creates.

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