[SOLVED] - Ubuntu only (Android and all wiped out)

Hi guys,

Just new here and discovered Khadas VIM2 a bit too late. Bought a Raspberry pi 3 before…later finding out not playing x265 =_=! (my own fault for not doing the necessary research).

Anyways, i want things very simple.

Boot either from EMMC or SD-Card. No android nothing (all wiped out)…just Ubuntu. However i am at loss. Burning card? Booting Card? I have read about them, but got even more confused.

Could somebody please just direct me to the exact documentation to achieve what i want to achieve.

Just as simple as how to install an image on for example a sd-card for upgrading either the EMMC or auto-booting from the image installed on the SD-card (like the raspberry pi).

Welcome Big_Boss! BTW, i hate bosses personally, especially with capital B :wink:

You can start, following this

Using some of these firmware

Good luck :slight_smile:

I am afraid i have messed things up good …or maybe not.

It doesn’t boot, it has no screen whatsoever. I had done something that i already forgot what it was. Can you brick your Khadas VIM2?

Btw, i am Big_Boss of my computers at home only :P.

Bro, i think i somehow have messed it up really good…:persevere:

It doesn’t boot. When i tried to upgrade i used the latest u.boot. Maybe something went wrong there. Also because i have no video-output i also cannot see if anything works like trying in to the upgrade-mode. The device also doesn’t get warm (although maybe this is because the GPU is not running)

Is there any way i could somehow fix this?

Edit 1: IT’s ALIVE!!! http://www.chuckevansgolf.com/y77/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/alive.jpg

Edit 2: I am starting to get pro in this :P. Well change of planes. I wanted Ubuntu especially, but Kodi on Ubuntu is rather outdated. I have to compile my own OR use (armbian + kodi) from balbes150 which that looks like a better option, as many of the bugs already have been solved in it Or the Ubuntu version of it also created by balbes150. Anyways, thank you as this topic could be branded as solved.

Solution: There is eMMC and there is SD-CARD.

Booting card = SD-card like a live-cd
Burning card = Using SD-card like a installation CD to install on the eMMC.

balbes150 gives even the possibility to use USB-flash-drive instead of SD-Card OR eMMC.

Installing using USB method with usb-cable directly attached to your computer/laptop just does the work without whole SD-CARD step first.