[SOLVED] Item will be returned to sender; address insufficient


I am waiting for my VIM3L pre-order since Sep 7, 2019. It arrived to the custom, but now I can see 2019-11-19 14:20 Item will be returned to sender; address insufficient.

In the order review email, there is complete adress, correct adress, correct email, even with my telephone number. Nobody contacts me whatsoever.

Could you please check my Order No. 11464 (RS681042044GB), and possibly prevent vain effort to shipment back and forth? I really dont understand this, as the adress I place to the order is really correct. :rage:

Hi Jimmy,

So sorry to hear that. We shipped the VIM3L to your shipping address provided. I am not sure what happened. As you know, we cannot control the packet once the packet arrive overseas. I have contacted our shipping agent to check it. If the package is confirmed to have been returned, we will arrange to re-ship new two to you. I will also check the shipping address with you again by PM, please note.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best regards,

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This was problem of local delivery subcontractor. Address was filled correctly. Ive managed to contact them and my VIM3L’s are now home :slight_smile:

Sorry for bothering


Thank you for your support.