[ SOLVED ]Distortion when connected to Raspberry Pi 3 & Volumio

When I got my Tone Board today I was really excited!! First I updated it to the latest software and tried it with my Windows 10 PC, it sounded rather good and thight! But unfortunately when I hooked it up onto my Raspberry Pi 3 running Volumio the music was full of distortion…:frowning: does anybody else have (had) this problemen with there Pi? And if so, how did you solve this issue?

(Note 1: the Raspberry Pi digital audio’s out is fine because the HDMI output has no distortion!)

(Note 2: the Khadas Tone Board is not nearly as accessible with the Raspberry Pi, as were told by the Khadas Tone Board documentation!!! The Tone Board does get detected but uses to much current, my Raspberry Pi shows me the low current warning :(:frowning: (when powered via external psu, the Raspberry works fine)) I even tried a 5V 4.0A PSU but still it sucks to much powet from the Pi, which is strange since the documentation says it uses 0.5A… :(:thinking:

Hello, I have seen no higher than 0.3A here, and typically less. Tested connected to a laptop thru a USB Volt/Current tester(Mantistek White Tail USB Doctor).

I have no Pi, so I cannot comment on that. A general suggestion would be to check volume levels.

Thanks for your respond, I did checked the volume level but I will check it again today, hoping that might solve it!

The volume level had nothing to do with the distorted sound.

(Update: I set up the Volumio audio resampling on 32bits 786Khz which was to much. When I put it on 32bits 384Khz it was sounded as it should be, PERFECT! :slight_smile:)