Soft Buttons not available?

just got my Khadas vim Pro and is running it with a mouse/keyboard combo but have notice that the android os doesn’t have any home back or recent apps buttons. Is there a way i can enable it cause i have to reboot it once i have opened something unless it has an own quit button? I haven’t bought the remote either.

I guess the HOME button of your keyboard is work as Move Home rather then Home Page, can you confirm this again?

Actually, regarding the USB HID devices, Android OS design with a key layout files to match different keyboard, you can also add a new keymap files for your keyboard.

I don’t know if it does it cause its a windows keyboard when trying on my samsung phone it just did nothing, none of the special function keys did anything. I can try it on the Vim if it does anything different but doubt it will do anything different.
/Update: Seems like right click is back button but recent apps or home is nowhere as the Windows key does nothing, alt seems to be emolj keyboard and escape and ctrl does nothing at all in the settings app

Hi, Patrik:
Are you a developer? If yes, you can follow the google/Android instruction above to map any key to a new keycode as you want.

Sorry im not a developer but have found some solutions like have another keyboard for windows which has a home key and the rightclick works for back the only thing is the recent apps list and changing to swedish doesn’t get the special keys for the swedish alphabet to work even though the system language is set to Sweden and the keyboard is set to swedish.