SMSL PO100 w/ T2P i2s

Currently looking at the SMSL PO100 Pro USB DAC.

Can use the i2s output to send data to my Khadas Tone 2 Pro via a HDMI to USB Type C cable?

My initial hunch is it’s gonna require a custom cable since the pin outs aren’t standard(photos attached) but I am not sure.

thanks in advance for any help and sorry for my lack of electronics knowledge!

SMSL PO100 Pro - I2S HDMI Output Pinout

Khadas Tone 2 Pro - I2S USB Type C Port Pinout

Yes, the I2S port isn’t standard. It is not recommendation for common customer to use HDMI to USB Type C cable. If you want to DIY this kind of cable. You need to satisfy these condition below.

  1. The level of I2S in this I2S mode must be 3.3V;
  2. EXT_I2S_DECT needs to set high.
  3. Tone2 Pro should set I2S Audio by manual.
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