Slash TV OS Media and Gaming Centre VIM3L

I am currently in the process of porting Slash TV all in one OS to the vim3l, it is an Android based OS that focuses on media and retro gaming. More information will be coming shortly. :slight_smile:!
When it is finished the image will be free to everyone on my website,
I will also be recording some short videos of the emulation and media capability. The remote control for the vim3l works with Slash TV as well.


Some Nintendo 64


Sega Saturn


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It has been moved. I am not a moderator, but have the ability to edit titles and sections.
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Looking forward to PS2 running on VIM3

Is there any beta running now?

I have a beta yes, but I still have to make a few changes first.

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Hi @Slaminger,

This is great. Looking forward to experiencing it on the VIM3L soon.

This is ready to go. Just waiting to hear back about one last thing with the extracted .img and a beta will be made available


Hi @Slaminger

Glad to hear that. I believe that many makers cannot wait to experience. A really exciting news!
Slash TV is now available for users to try out. Hope you enjoy :grin:

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Is there a voice control/search option in the firmware?

Tech Toy Tinker VIM section(includes early slash tv kresq images):

Please note: currently apps on slash tv are installed in userspace and not as system apps, if you factory reset you go back to basic Android, I will be moving things to system apps and releasing a new build asap. Use the kresq the same as you would to load basic Android or Linux onto the emmc, also these are emmc only images currently. Retro Arena is not yet available. Both vim3 and 3l slash tv links are available on the site.

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