Slash TV for VIM3

Iā€™m getting close to completing Slash TV Android OS for the VIM3 device. This has Netflix(only 480p), Kodi, Plex, retroarch, runs Atari to Dreamcast including psp and n64, is set up so the user can use menus and launch things with a controller and not need a mouse or keyboard. It also supports moonlight and parsec to allow streaming from PC to the VIM3.
By tomorrow khadas will have the build and within a few days I should be able to include a link for everyone to use :slight_smile: it will be posted here this thread when available. Root access is installed as well.


TNX! for work
i will prepate and share krescue installation image soon !

NOW check and test ; )


Tech Toy Tinker VIM section(includes early slash tv kresq images):

Please note: currently apps on slash tv are installed in userspace and not as system apps, if you factory reset you go back to basic Android, I will be moving things to system apps and releasing a new build asap. Use the kresq the same as you would to load basic Android or Linux onto the emmc, also these are emmc only images currently. Retro Arena is not yet available.


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