Slash TV Android OS for VIM4

I’m currently working on Slash TV for this device. Slash TV has a heavy focus on media and gaming, with audio enhancement.

This build will come with Retroarch 64 bit, PPSSPP, Redream, N64 FZ, Dolphin(GameCube), and several other emulators.

It also has Kodi, Plex, Aptoide TV

Magisk has been used for root, and for those of us that love audio, ViperFX is installed, if you are not familiar, this is a powerful audio enhancement tool. It not only has an EQ, but many individual settings for bass and clarity, gain, compression, reverberation.

A video will be added to this thread shortly, and I expect to have a beta download image ready in the next 24-48 hours.


Hello @Slaminger

Thanks for your work. :star_struck:

Happy to help :grin:

Alpha download, flash with oowow:

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Cool Im gonna share it on Discord