Simple setup instructions for Khadas Tone Board installation

I would like to setup my Khadas Tone Board on Foobar 2000/Windows 7 for audiophile sound?

Step by step instructions would be awesome?

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@tsangyoujun @kenny Maybe you two can help on this.

We just write down a step by step instructions and post on Khadas Docs.

Hello, I may be misunderstanding the question, but I will give it a go.
For starters, the following example was done on Windows Vista, I do not have Windows 7.
1.) Install the driver, how-to is here.

2.) Go to Windows Control Panel and select Sound. There you should see “XMOS XS1-U8” or similar, set it as default.

3.) Install Foobar2000. I choose the “Install as a portable app” option.

4.) Open Foobar2000, under the “File” tab select “Preferences”. Under “Playback”, select "Output. Under “Device”, select Speakers(XMOS XS1-U8), click apply, then OK.

5.) Load up some tunes and give it a spin.

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