Silent Vim3 + Small platform

Check out my mods on the Vim3

The stock fan is Loud and annoying
I had to do some fine soldering to add a silent fan

Now it is nice and quiet…

I 3D printed a small base with a slot for the wifi antennas. The Vim3 is secured using M1.4 bolts, and I think it looks great. (Plus I need to use the GPIO pins!


Nice I just purchased a Fan just like that one and it should be a good fan replacement for the 3705 fan :slight_smile: , it only has about 25db of noise output so its calm and quiet

Yea, just be careful about cutting the existing wire.

it is very thin 30 Ga wire that has to be stripped
red and black.

I don’t have a problem about wire mine comes with Dupont headers preinstalled so its just a plug and play solution , the headers go onto the 5v and ground GPIO headers

This is the only mod ive done to mine so far
10na mod

Tenna mod

Use the plastiic plate from the bottom of the case pushed out for the 5mm gel transfer pad


hi, what changes do you see with respect to WiFi / Bluetooth?

cool, you must not be having Wifi problems :smile:
looks like a mini radio station

I never tested it before, what app do you recommend ill try em stock and with the add on antenna

Hi, wait, you didn’t do it for an aesthetic look, but for effective work? :blush:
I want to say, is there a difference in blind tests?

All 3 of my Khadas boards have pretty good wifi speeds stock, so maybe your right i just did it to be cool.

So far i dont notice much difference, maybe the other Antenna port dominates?

no, the use of the antenna is not to increase speed it increases range, so your board can be Farther from the router and still pickup the signals with low noise, maybe 5 dB

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