Show us your Khadas SBC

Lets see your rig!

Is it in a box? just the board on your tv stand?

hanging by the HDMI cable from the back of the tv?

lets see it

My VIM1 in all metal case, Amazon heatsink 2 40mm noctua fans running off 5V i/o pins



Does a case made from a shoebox count ?

If thats how your using it, why not?

Do you use the SBC to keep track of all your shoes? or the wifes shoes? :thinking:

well actually I have moved on from the cardboard cases, I am working on a better one made of plastic one right now, Finished the prototype just today, with just some random box laying around…

This was just a test run to see that my xacto knife skill is still on par to my old crafty self…

A newer box is on the way, it is a bit bigger and more robust, that will be the final design…

I only keep two pairs of footwear on me at all time, Regarding a wife…
I am not engaged in any marital relationship, as I am probably not old yet to get a milady :grin:

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I couldn’t even imagine that vim1 would require so much cooling