Share your Android Live Streaming experiences

Hello I am writing from Turkey.

1 - ) Has anyone tested whether the sound transferred from HDMI in Instagram or Tiktok application is Stereo or Mono?

2 -) Does it also recognize USB sound cards?

3- ) If it recognizes USB sound cards as in and out, is there a synchronization problem between the image and sound transferred via Hdmi?

4- ) Mr. Ziya mentioned in his experience that there is a camera rotation problem between applications. Was this problem solved? Is the camera fixed for all apps now?

5- ) Does Vim4 encode 2 channels of 16bit 48000khz when sending audio to applications? Does it support external high audio qualities? For example 2 channels 24-32bit 48000khz?

Thank you very much for your reply in advance.

Best Regards

Efe Özgür Yıldırım